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Glee Frenemies: First Thoughts

Okay. I’ve avoided the internet until I could write my own thoughts on Frenemies.

At the end, I have a theory.

First, I loved this episode.

I thought the Elliot/Kurt scenes were such a treat. The two play so well together and the timing of the lines was perfect, very snappy back and forth.

I loved their duet. Both voices mixed so nicely. More of that? Yes, Please. I also love when Kurt let’s his sensual side show in the music. More of that with Blaine would be great.

Tina and Artie are not my faves but their songs and acting were well done. Sue once again demonstrated why she is the worst principal ever. No wonder someone with a top GPA got wait-listed at Brown. Who could trust anyone that has been under the aegis of Sue Sylvester?

I was angry at Rachel but I believed what she did. She would see anything that gets near Funny Girl as a betrayal. It was an interesting choice for Santana to audition since she has said she is not interested in Broadway. I’m glad they gave a nod to the coincidence of two such talented girls coming from the same school.

I really liked Santana singing Don’t Rain on My Parade. It fit the plot, since Rachel is so busy worrying about herself she doesn’t see how important this is to Santana. Even though Naya sounded different than Lea singing the song, I still liked her version.

Okay, onto my theory. I think Elliot has a crush on Kurt. I think this is awesome and hilarious and will lead to great tension. Kurt is totally oblivious right now. He’s too busy being worried about Elliot’s talent. This isn’t unreasonable, look at how Blaine entered Kurt’s world and took it by storm from a talent perspective.

But Elliot just wants to be with Kurt. That’s why he picked a love song at the shop and why he kissed Kurt on the cheek in the photo.

I loved the scene when Blaine saw the photo, I wish they had followed up on that with a Klaine convo. Blaine would say, I think Elliot has feelings and Kurt would be totally dismissive saying there was no way, and even if he did, Kurt loves Blaine.

Anyways, it’s good to have glee back!


I’m so, so sorry, I’ve been insanely busy and kind of lost my grip on all of the things that needed and still need to be done. I’m working hard on editing my novel, and it’s taking me so much longer than I anticipated. But it is going to be epic!

I always have trouble visualizing things, since…

I have the same issue. My dialog rocks but writing descriptions is like pulling teeth.

One trick I use is to find inspiration pictures on the web and the pin them on a board on Pinterest that I create for the novel.


i may have watched too much Glee today

I don’t think that’s possible.

Glee Cast (Season 3 Graduates) - Seasons of Love
312,179 plays


"Seasons of Love" Glee Cast (Season 3 Graduates Version): Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Amber Riley, Mark Salling, Chris Colfer, and Cory Monteith.

Download - right click and save link as


so I decided to make my idea for a Klaine story thing into original fiction. Which will be hard because I lack motivation for original fic sometimes because fanfic is like, immediate gratification. But if I write this OF then I can search for publication maybe or something, and gingerandfair says she loves the idea. lol. 

I’m psyched to hear this. I love your writing!

Let me know if I can help. I write too and have some great resources.

Fic: Take Me to the Other Side (COMPLETE)


Rating:  NC-17 total

Pairings: Klaine with side (mostly off screen) Kurt/Adam, Blaine/Sebastian

WC: 4800/25k

Summary: Benefits to having a best friend: someone you can talk to about anything, including the hot boy you’re dating, trashy Bravo television, and great sex. At least, that’s what Kurt and Blaine discover when their friendship evolves into friends with benefits. What could be better? AU.

Notes: No heavy Kadam or Seblaine at all the long and the short of it is that I love Klaine and wanted to write them having lots of banter, sex, and learning about each other in new ways. There is no cheating, no angst, no jealousy.

I cannot thank stut-ter and nachochang for being amazing beta/handholder/friends/women. I really want to thank likearumchocolatesouffle for helping me to articulate what I wanted this story to mean.

This will be posting every few days (it is complete). Also, song title comes from Jason Derulo’s The Other Side

**yay! It’s done! I have two little cut scenes I might turn into ficlets or one shots — I’m had such a fun time writing this story, I’m not opposed to leaving it behind just yet :D Thank you guys for the incredible response to this story, it means so much to me!**

On AO3

Tumblr: Chapter 1  Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5


“Are you okay?” Blaine says softly in the dark.

They’re dressed. Cleaned up and dressed and curled into each other. Kurt knows there is no way Blaine could have missed the tightening of his body or the hiss he’d let out when he had pulled out. They’d distracted each other with fumbling for clothes and giggling when they kept getting each others instead of their own. Comfortable moments punctuated by small kisses; one from Blaine on his shoulder, another Kurt bestowed to his temple.

Kurt had come back from the bathroom really feeling it, sore and disconcertingly open and trying really hard to keep it from Blaine.

“Kurt, really, are you okay?”

It’s always been hard to keep anything from him.

“I’m fine.” Kurt rolls over, out of Blaine’s arms, to face him. “I think it’s supposed to be pretty normal, all things considered.”

“At the end there it was just-” Blaine traces a finger down Kurt’s nose, “hard to stay in control.”

“I didn’t want you in control Blaine,” Kurt whispers the admission, kissing the fingertips that descend to trace his mouth. “I wanted you. Just you, there with me.”

Blaine puts his forehead against Kurt’s.

“I was,” he says so softly Kurt almost doesn’t hear.

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I just loved this fic.


I realize that like all I do, other than reblog gifs and write stories, is vent. But I’ma do it anyway. 

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I’m with you, Jude. I love my kids, but I need my me time too.

Hearing Kurt singing Defying Gravity is my happy place.


I just yelled at my kids louder than I ever have and made them cry. Ugh that’s a terrible feeling.

They probably deserved it.

Okay maybe my kids are driving me crazy.


I was viciously attacked and mauled by the most vehement plotbunny, which insists I write another kurokura that is not DAV and will likely by a billion chapters and take me another three years to write.

I’ve three books in different stages of writing, one other book in second draft, the sequel…

Substitute my story names for yours and you have just described my life.